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Comedian Elena Gabrielle is back with a bang in her new comedy show «Ok!?» where she challenges her audience to answer one simple question – are you okay? Are WE ok?!
The show follows Elena as she navigates the loss of someone special and embarks on an Eat Pray Love style adventure to try and heal her broken heart. Along the way, Elena indulges in all of the white girl shit she can handle, from yoga retreats to meditating on crystals, all in the name of self-discovery and healing.

With her trademark wit and warmth, Elena takes the audience on a journey across the globe as she reflects on her past experiences and shares insights on how to navigate through life’s unexpected twists and turns. Having traveled to over 65 countries and sold out countless shows, Elena has become a seasoned expert at finding the humour in life’s ups and downs…and bad dates!

«Ok!?» is the perfect blend of comedy, heart, and soul-searching, all brought to life by Elena’s unique brand of humour and infectious personality. So come along for the ride, a reminder that even in our darkest moments, there’s always a reason to laugh.

More about Elena Gabrielle: This Australian born European based comedian appeals to sold out audiences across the globe with her witty, no-holds barred approach to stand-up comedy and because of this, has seen her go viral with 40 million plus views on YouTube to date. Elena Gabrielle’s satirical look on modern relationships teamed with her uproarious musicality and witty jokes, has seen her steal the show from Canada to South Africa. Her embarrassing date stories are delivered in an intuitive storytelling style which cuts through cultural divides and is enjoyed globally. After touring non-stop for 3 years with ‘Story Party Tour’ (which saw her perform over 700 shows in that time and in 65 countries) Elena is now touring the globe solo with sold out shows across Australia, Asia, Europe and Canada. Her talents were also seen opening for the US comedian Iliza Schlesinger in Switzerland in 2021.